Hello friends! I recently made my blog private and switched to a different url. For those of you who still wish to give me your email address, I will continue to link up my new posts to my old url (hint: you're lookin at it!) so you can still get in contact with me. This is also convenient because, if you're like me and you keep tabs on all your favorite blogs by looking at your sidebar to see who last updated, this will keep notifying you (sn: don't you hate it how private blogs don't keep you updated like that?). So you stay can linked up to this non-private blog and then you'll see when I post on my private blog.
Hope that makes sense....
....leave a comment if it doesn't and I'll try again!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012


this here blog is about to go private.

for like the third time.

i think it's gonna stick this time, with a baby coming into the picture one of these days.

i like readers, i just don't like strange men from malaysia creepin up in my bid-ness.

so, if you haven't already, g'ahead and leave your email if you'd like to stay connected.

and i'll g'ahead and shoot ya an invite to this party of a blog.

it's gotta be a gmail email i guess. i don't make the rules.

peace and blessings.

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